1. Pre-Conference

    1. Weekend Bouldering

      Organized by Isaac Lee

      Start your midday with bouldering. All first-timers and regulars welcome. Feel free to reach me by email for RSVP and questions. Cheers!

    2. Chess

      Organized by Balint Erdi

      A friendly chess tournament. No entry fee, no prize, just pure fun. Please email or Tweet me if you'd like to join us.

  2. Day 1

    1. Bible Study Breakfast

      Organized by Dave Wasmer, @davewasmer on Discord

      A chance to start the day with some fellowship and time spent in the Word before the conference kicks off! All are welcome!

      • Date:

        March 19

      • Time:


      • Location:

        TBD depending on attendance (suggestions welcome)!

    2. Meetup Organizer's Lunch

      Organized by Jen Weber, @jenweber on Discord

      Are you a meetup organizer? Come meet other organizers! When everyone at the conference breaks for lunch, we'll grab a few tables of our own to chat and share ideas. Join the #meetup-organizers channel on Ember Discord in the meantime!

      • Date:

        March 19

      • Time:


      • Location:

        The EmberConf food hall, far back left corner as you exit the food lines

    3. Ice Cream Social

      Organized by Jordan Hawker, @jordan (Axle#3134) on Discord

      What better way to celebrate another amazing EmberConf than ice cream with friends? The EmberConf Ice Cream Social is coming back for the fourth year in a row! Stop by for the best ice cream in Portland (if not the entire West Coast!) and network with your fellow Ember aficionados after the first day of incredible talks. RSVP Now!

      • Date:

        March 19

      • Time:


      • Location:

        Salt & Straw, 3345 SE Division St.

  3. Day 2

    1. Early Morning Bouldering

      Organized by Christian Spanring

      Wake up with an early morning bouldering session! All first-timers and regulars welcome. Feel free to reach me by email for RSVP and questions. Cheers!

    2. EmberConf Karaoke

      Organized by Erik Bryn

      Come sing your heart out with your new friends in the Ember community! Sponsored by Prototypal

  4. Post-Conference

    1. Parkour class

      Organized by Luke Melia, @lukemelia on Discord

      Forge Parkour is a great parkour gym a few of us jumped around at last year. There is an Intro to Parkour class and a Parkour 1 & 2 class at 7 on Thursday. Ping me on Discord if you're interested and I'll coordinate with the gym. You'll need sneakers and clothes you can move in. No prior experience necessary. $15-$25.