In an industry lacking attendee and speaker diversity, we strive to be an exception. We're working to make sure more people get the support and representation they deserve. These are just some of our efforts.

Where we're focused

  • Students and those in need

    We've been there. Whether you're a student on a tight budget, or someone who just can't make it work for whatever reason, we'd still love to help you join us. EmberConf is a fantastic professional development opportunity, in addition to being a really fun time.

    We also provide on-site childcare, a mother's room, allergy-friendly meals, live closed captioning, a fully accessible venue, and most other things you might need to join us.

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  • People of color

    The Ember community is rooted in solid values of diversity, inclusion, and unity. We want make sure people of color feel empowered to do their best within the community, in Tech at large, and to help with the tools needed along the way.

    Come meet the leaders of our 2019 POC initiative, share your ideas, and network with other people of color in the Ember community.

    POC breakfast now available as a registration add-on!

  • Women

    For the last several years EmberConf has featured around 50% (or more!) women on our speaking roster, along with women involved every step of the way: organizing, on the program committee, volunteering, etc. But that doesn't happen on its own.

    We all know tech isn't the greatest with respect to women's representation, but in Ember we work hard to do better. We've previously offered Women's Leadership workshops and networking opportunities, and then watched many of the women we met go on to speak at EmberConf and elsewhere.

    This year we'll once again host our annual Women Helping Women luncheon to meet and celebrate each other, followed by a TBA panel on women in tech navigating and advancing their careers.

    WHW Luncheon now available as a registration add-on!

  • Parents

    As all parents know, sometimes you just can't leave your kiddo(s). EmberConf offers full day childcare on-site for both primary conference days, mother's room accomodations, and is welcoming to parents who want to carry immobile infants with them to sessions and activities.

    Need something else? A pack n' play, a high chair, diapers, etc? Sometimes half the battle is just sorting out how to pack all the baby neccessities, so let's talk! We've got a local network with access to much of what you might need, and we're committed to making it as easy as possible for you to make the trip.

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